The Judges


So, I have been seeing so many threads, tweets, and even videos about what is going on our society. One of the hottest topic is ” the freedom to same-sex marriage.”  Honestly, I barely go to church and open the bible, but I believe in God! It is not the religion ,it is all about faith in Him. God gave us the freedom to choose and it is up to us which path to take. He is forgiving to those who are true to them self and the only one who can judge. We all have our own opinion about same-sex marriage. Who are we to judge what is right or wrong for two people expressing their love for one another. There are a lot of things that we cannot explain until now ,even science have no explanation and have all the answers. Life here on earth is a mystery. Science think we came from evolution while the bible speaks about Genesis. The bottom line is, we all deserve to be happy and be accepted because at the end of the day, Life is too short to worry about things that got nothing to do with you.

Sharing is caring


I decided to start blogging because I love to share my thoughts or idea about the things that surround me ,Care bear always said, ” Sharing is Caring “. As a child I loved to write and made up some stories then make my friend read it. But then, things changed and priority changed . I am a believer and I don’t regret about my dark past. Anyways, I am really looking forward to get some feedback and maybe exchange ideas ?

I don’t mind negative feedback or comments. I am very open to suggestions to improve my page and writings. I would love to see my own site running actively someday and inspire readers. For the mean time, I will be focusing on learning how to improve my page to look more professional to the readers. Tips or suggestion will be very much appreciated!

New Chapter


Since I was a child, I always knew what I want and don’t want. My sisters always sees me as the hard-headed, rebel, and the most out spoken talented sister. This is probably also the reason I am not the jealous type because I never been afraid of making mistakes. I always see my failures as the result of my success. Sure, I am not the riches successful person, but I gained much knowledge and acceptance that life gave me.

Now that I am 31, I realized how far I become for who I am today, and what I have right now is a full blessings. I am still married to my husband who had served for about 10 years in the Army. Moreover, I have a wonderful, smart, healthy, handsome, and very active 5 years old son. We have been stationed in 3 different continents already, until my husband decided to finish his term to be able to stay with us and get settled. At first, I thought it was a crazy and a stupid move. Then, I looked at myself in the mirror telling myself to be strong and be ready for an exciting NEW CHAPTER of our lives!