New Chapter


Since I was a child, I always knew what I want and don’t want. My sisters always sees me as the hard-headed, rebel, and the most out spoken talented sister. This is probably also the reason I am not the jealous type because I never been afraid of making mistakes. I always see my failures as the result of my success. Sure, I am not the riches successful person, but I gained much knowledge and acceptance that life gave me.

Now that I am 31, I realized how far I become for who I am today, and what I have right now is a full blessings. I am still married to my husband who had served for about 10 years in the Army. Moreover, I have a wonderful, smart, healthy, handsome, and very active 5 years old son. We have been stationed in 3 different continents already, until my husband decided to finish his term to be able to stay with us and get settled. At first, I thought it was a crazy and a stupid move. Then, I looked at myself in the mirror telling myself to be strong and be ready for an exciting NEW CHAPTER of our lives!


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