When Is It Time to Potty Train?



Potty training can be an emotional time for both you and your child. The main thing you need to consider is whether your child is ready to be potty trained – if they are, then the entire process will be a lot easier, not to mention faster. When a child is ready to be potty trained will vary from child to child, and can be any age from 18 to 36 months.Keep in mind that every child develops at a different pace and it’s more important to look out for the following signs that he’s ready to potty train and not his age.If you think your child is ready, parent needs to be 100% committed, especially when doing it with a three-day potty training method. What does 100% committed mean? This means not going back or giving up due to frustration; period.

Potty Training Tips

  • Schedule potty breaks – Setting a schedule can help turn potty time into a routine, which will help your child adjust to their new responsibility and help them to remember to go all by themselves. To start off, try picking two to three times a day when you will put your child on the potty and let them sit there for a few minutes.

getting  your child comfortable with using the potty is often best to master urination sitting down, and then move to standing up after bowel training is complete.When you notice signs that your child might need to use the toilet such as squirming, squatting or holding the genital area ,respond quickly. Help your child become familiar with these signals, stop what he or she is doing, and head to the toilet. 

  • Let your child go-nappy free for an hour or two a day – I strongly recommend the technique of removing a child’s diaper and letting them run around the house naked for a couple of hours a day. They will enjoy the feeling, while also learning to recognize their body’s “need-to-go” signals, without the safety net of a diaper.Be aware that you will have accidents if you decide to use this method. But an accident (base on experience 5x) may just be what your child needs to realize the importance of using the potty. If it happens which it surely will, just clean it and be calm.Don’t act across or disappointed when  it happen. Reassure your child that they’ll make it to the potty on time next time. If you scold them, they may become anxious about using the potty and start holding.
  • Give Praise – always make your child feel good after going in the toilet, even after just sitting on the toilet. Give praise for every new step they are taking. Better to encourage than to discourage.
  • Show your child how to wipe correctly and flush the toilet
  • Remind your child to wash their hands after they use the potty
  • Offer rewards for small successes
  • Share the good news – A great way to encourage your child to take pride in using the potty, is to let them boast about it to a friend or family member. Make a big deal of them being able to tell Mommy or Daddy about how well they did with the potty when he or she comes home at the end of the day.

When your child is ready, progress to night training. When they are dry or fairly dry most days, your child may be ready for nap and night-training. If so, invest in some bed pads (you’ll want at least 3 so you can change them easily) and put one on top of the bottom sheet on your child’s bed. Look for the kind that have a soft layer on top and a plastic layer underneath. When that’s done, put the potty next to the bed when your child goes to bed or goes for a nap. Also, leave your child bedroom door open and encourage them to call you if they wake up needing to go. If they do, put them quickly on the potty and praise them for doing so well.


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