Talking to kids about Sex,Gender Identity, and Incest



Our world is constantly changing.We either embrace and accept it or protest to stand up for what we believe others should also believe. No matter what we do or say, we cannot please or force everyone to be on the same boat. It will be a big miracle if we do,then there will be no new discoveries, motivation,competition, or even new knowledge to gain if everyone agree to everything. Life was designed to be colorful,means obstacles, pain, love, and temptations were already been there since the time God created us.




Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in VirginiaWARNING: These 8th graders will soon be receiving lessons on “oral and anal” sex. Fourth graders will receive instruction about incest. The goal is to teach students about homosexual, bisexual, and transgender identity.”Starting in kindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex or gay marriage and the parents will not be able to opt out,” Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition, told CBN News.MORE:**Please join us in praying for the public school system. This new curriculum could be coming to your neighborhood.

Posted by CBN News on Thursday, June 11, 2015

As a mom, wife, and a friend ,I always talk to my son and explain him pretty much everything about genders,sexuality,incest,and religion. Yes, he knows the word vagina,penis, and incest. He knows how baby were made as well! Is this makes me a bad parent?No! It is just how you teach them and explain to them the reality to protect and prepare them. Again,it is how you explain it to them ,but if you are unsure on how to choose the right word to formulate your sentence to their level of understanding without sounding it pervertive, then maybe you should start talking to a counselor first before you attempt explaining things like this to your child. I taught him about God and how we were made but I also explain to him the difference now that was not mentioned in the bible such gender identity. He also understands that God said go and multiply,during the time that the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve have to populate but in the present this is not the case because it will be considered Incest. As long as you are confident to talk to your child between what is right and wrong, real and not, and what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, your child will be more ready ,engaged , respectful, and wiser. This can also help them not to bully or not be bullied. It is important they know their limits and where they should stand. Knowledge is the key for them to succeed and be more responsible. Remember, learning always starts from home and schools are tools or resources where they can expand their knowledge.