Are you loyal to your country?


Things I respect about the Koreans and Japanese are their hardworking skills and loyalty to their country. If you didn’t know, both countries have to rebuild their homeland after the war. They may have to leave and seek work to other countries, but they always went back to help rebuild their country. Their economy got better and we saw the tremendous improvement of hard work,loyalty, and sacrifice they have made not only for their own benefit but for their entire nation.

Today, I read the articles on what is happening in Germany and hate crime is also now spreading there because of too many refugees from Africa, East Europe, and Middle East. I understand the concern of most citizen there since not all refugees wanted to work there because of the benefits they actually get from the government. I know this because I once had a friend who was a refugee and told me that like everyone,there are people who are born lazy to work.

So, are these people still or really loyal to their country?My answer to that is simple. If these people from other nation think like the Koreans and Japanese back then, they might not need to leave their own country forever and treated as parasites for being a refugee. If they are truly loyal to their country ,they would go back and help rebuild their nation just like the Koreans and Japanese people. But of course, it is also not up to these people but their government is also involved for their country’s future. I just pray that someday, they learn on how to love and look after their country ,stop the war and killing their own kind. Moreover, not just to think of their own benefit. Remember,corruption is everywhere except it is less visible from other countries that are still rich. Nothing wrong with helping or seeking help as long as the people who seek help and you helped, do the same.