In the name of science


As a mom, I always make sure to always be there to my son and shower him with love and support no matter which path he will choose in the future. We were lucky to have the privileged to have the educational trip and travel different places while we were stationed in Korea. That day when we went to visit one of the science museum in Seoul, I was worried and skeptic with his energy because of the lack of sleep before we arrived to our destination. I was surprised he didn’t give me a hard time that day.Actually,I was pleased to find out how amused and interested he was in learning all this whole new world that he discovered in this educational trip.Of course, I was bombarded with questions which I honestly needed to rush myself going on search engines.I’m no teacher or professor in this field to answer all these facts, reasons,cause and effects to satisfy him the answers he needed. But I’m glad to see his attentiveness , and curiosity about all these things he discovered in this educational trip.

To be part of this stage in his life where he continues to pursue unwrapping and exploring things that is new to him and to me too was pretty overwhelming. Moreover, this momma felt elated in feeding his baby the knowledge and support he needed in order to succeed in the future.

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